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Back to MMA Thai Boxing, after a sweet vacation in California

First it was bronchitis, I mean I haven’t been sick like this for many many years.  In fact, I don’t remember when I’ve ever been out of work four days in a row.  I tried to go to work on Wednesday and they told me to go home.  My cough was horrible.  My boss thought I was contagious.  I didn’t tell him that I saw the doctor on Monday and was on my third day of antibiotics.  There are very few times I go to the doctor, but when I am sick and can’t breathe, I am grateful to have a good doctor that will see me whenever I call.  Thank you Dr. Bui.

I was back at work for one week working out and then I went to California for vacation for 9 days.  I went to MMA cardio Thai Boxing two days of that week in between being sick and vacation.  Some days it is all I can do is to get up at 5:30am/6am, get ready for work, work until 4pm to 5pm, depending upon when I arrive to work.  Then go to work out at the Metro Fight Club, go home, relax for maybe an hour and time for bed already.

I was lucky to be able to go workout after work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday morning.  They pulled up all the old mats and put down brand new red/orange mats.  They are like gymnastics mats, solid and just the right amount of give.  I’m not sure what kind they are, but they are beautiful and brand new.


For the MMA Thai Boxing class, we started the same as always.  Coach Saul Soliz was there to whip us into shape.  Punches jab cross, jab hook cross, jab hook cross hook.  Warming up in the back of the gym at the wall mounted punching boxes.  In boxing stance, body turned 45 degrees left foot forward, right foot back.  Standing up tall, yet keeping my knees bent slightly.  When throwing the left punch, use the whole body, left shoulder comes forward, twist at the waist, left heel twists out to the left.  Punch with the whole body.  The more we practice the same punches, the better the form gets, the harder I can punch.  Practice, practice, practice and the power will come.

Then we go to the front of the gym and practice the same punches.  One person holds the mitts the other punches.  When catching the punches, I am still able to work on twisting my body and my foot work.  Always staying on the balls of my feet, re-adjusting my base in between every punch, keeping my chin down, shoulders back and relaxed, face emotionless, moving the weight from one foot to the other.

Now I know what Muhammad Ali meant when he said “Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”.


Lately we’ve been working on punching and kicking combinations.  First we practice the right knee.  Step forward with my left foot, foot turned out 45 degrees, throwing my knee when I am on the ball of my left foot.  Learn the proper distance from the punching bag, first by reaching out and touching it, throwing a knee and re-adjusting the distance after one knee.  When I throw my right knee, I throw my hips forward, keep my shoulders back and chest out.  Again, the more I practice, the stronger this move becomes.  When I throw my knee, my arm is bent with my right hand near my right ear.  As I throw the kick, I also throw my hand down towards the ground, keeping the fingers relaxed.


After the knee we practice right push kicks.  The distance from the bag is a little further for the push kick.  Again left foot turned out 45 degrees and kicking from the ball of my left foot, throwing my hips forward, chest out, shoulders back and relaxed.  My right hand starts near my right ear and I throw my arm down as I throw the push kick.  The arm helps with balance.


Next, we practice the right roundhouse kick.  Again the left foot is out 45 degrees, I’m on the ball of my left foot as I kick my right leg, shin hitting the bag.  At the same time I am kicking, I have my right hand across my chest on my left shoulder, I reach out with my hand even with my shoulders towards the bag.


The combination left jab, right roundhouse kick is next.  Starting in boxing stance, throw the left jab, re-adjust my stance and then throw the right kick.

Another combination right jab, left hook, right jab, then right roundhouse kick.   Again, starting in boxing stance with left foot forward, right foot back, on the balls of my feet, shoulders relaxed, elbows in, hands up always protecting my face.

Now we put them both together.  left jab, right roundhouse kick, right jab, left hook, right jab, right roundhouse kick.  After practicing this about ten times, it starts to feel natural.

We’ve also been practicing the same knee, push kick and roundhouse with the left leg.  When I first started Thai Boxing the left kick felt easier than the right.  Now I’ve practiced the right kick more than the left.  I need to practice the left side more so both sides are equal.

Time is up.  We all line up.  lift our hands up inhale, let them drop down exhale three times.  Then Wi, press our hands together and slightly bow our heads.

Time for Jui Jitsu class.

Another great class.

To your health,

Kate Hauer, MMA


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