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The Cleansing Physical Exercises from The Power of Prana

At the beginning of MMA Thai Boxing, first we light jog to loosen up, then we stop and do the same exercises every class.   Neck circles, arm circles, shoulder circles, hip circles, knee circles, spread feet apart and do 50 toe touches as fast as you can, then stand up, feet together, touch the floor with your hands keeping your legs straight, move right foot to the left side of the left foot, touch the floor with your hands, then switch and put the left foot on the right side of the right foot and touch the floor with your hands.

These exercises get our joints prepared for boxing and kicking.

When I was reading a book called ‘The Power of Prana’ by Master Stephen Co and Eric. B. Robbins, I was interested to see a lot of the same exercises labeled as ‘The Cleansing Physical Exercises’.  There are 13, so more than the quick exercises done at the start of class.  The book says to do two sets of these exercises and they can be completed in less than 5 minutes.  They are designed to clean from head to toe in order to flush the dirty energy from the more delicate areas (head) and chakras (crown, ajna, throat, heart) through the less delicate lower chakras (basic, sex) and then out the feet.  These exercises quickly clean the energy body and doesn’t leave any energetic congestion in more sensitive areas.  It is best to complete them in the order listed.

  1.  Eye Rotation.  Keep your head and neck still rolling your eyes 12 times clockwise and then 12 times counter clockwise.
  2. Horizontal neck rotations.  Start facing forward.  Gently twist your head left and then right twelve times.  If you have no restrictions while you rotate, you should make a 90 degree turn left and right.
  3. Vertical neck rotation.  Start with your head up and chin slightly back, facing forward.  Smoothly pivot your head up and down twelve times.
  4. Downward hand flings.  With your arms hanging at your sides and your hands open, pivot at the elbow and briskly pull your forearms up while balling your fists.  Then quickly pivot at the elbow and fling your forearms down while opening your hands.  Perform the up and down motion twelve times.
  5. Hand Looseners.  Extend your arms straight out in front of you, with one palm down and one up.  Open and close your hands quickly twelve times.  Then reverse, putting the other palm down and the first one up and repeat the movement.  (Those who have practice any internal martial arts may recognize this as an exercise taught to open the lao gong points [they roughly correspond with the palm chakras] in the center of the hands.  It increases your sensitivity to energy and allows your energy to be more easily transferred to an opponent during a fight.)
  6. Wrist rotations.  Extend your arms forward, palm facing down, fingers outstretched.  Roll your wrists twelve times each in both directions.
  7. Shoulder rotations.  Stretch your arms out to the side horizontally, palms downward.  Make circles with your arms moving backward twelve times.  Then reverse the motion, and make twelve forward circles.  Perform this at a moderate pace, not so slowly that you don’t feel the shoulders stretch a bit, but not so fast that you feel a strain.
  8. Torso twist.  Extend your arms straight out from your sides so that they are parallel to the ground.  With your feet about shoulder-width apart, twist twelve times to the right and to the left.  As with the neck rotations, try to get your torso to a 90-dedgree twist, but don’t strain.  With each twist, allow your arms to sink down, so that they’re at your sides as you conclude.
  9. Shoulder shrugs.  Drop your chin to your chest and shrug your shoulders slightly forward while allowing your arms to hang loosely in front of you.  Breathe in while pulling your head and shoulders back as far as they can comfortably go.  Then move your head and shoulders forward while exhaling.  Do this twelve times.
  10. Hip rotations.  Put your hands on your hips and bend your knees slightly.  Rotate your hips twelve times clockwise and then twelve times counterclockwise.
  11. Squats.  Bend slightly at the knees, and then perform quarter squats.  See if you can do one hundred per session.  Unlike full squats, in which your buttocks touch your heels when you dip, with a quarter squat, you dip your knees only a little.  Energetically, the quarter squat is only slightly less powerful than a full squat, and it is much easier on the knees.  If you wish to do a full squat, feel free to do so.  The squat charges your basic chakra, which is the principal chakra regulating your overall level of energy.
  12. Knee rotations.  With your legs together and knees slightly flexed, place your palms on your kneecaps and move your legs in circles.  Rotate them twelve times clockwise and twelve times counterclockwise.
  13. Ankle rotations.  Balance yourself on your right leg, lift your left leg a few inches off the ground, and extend it slightly in front of you.  As you did with your wrists, rotate your ankle twelve times clockwise and twelve times counterclockwise.  Then repeat with the right ankle.


Embrace Change

Change is the only constant in life.  I am always looking for ways to be healthier, eat better, spend more time exercising.  Every day it seems like there is a new study with new information, half the time it contradicts the information that was published years ago.  It is difficult to keep up with all the changes.

With my diet, I stick to whole foods.  Foods that are not processed, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans.

I’ve looked into several diets, some of them look good, others won’t work with me.

It is best to make real permanent positive changes in your diet.  Currently I am making sure I drink enough water.  I have a reusable cup with a lid and straw and fill it up all day long at work.  I also drink green tea, other herbal teas, once in a while black tea.  Stay away from diet and sugar soda, too many chemicals.

Yoga is an important part of my life, for my body mind and soul.  Riding bikes is one of my favorite things to do.  It feels like I am flying when I ride my bike.  It is great that Houston has so many bike trails, way more than Austin.  That way I don’t have to worry about car traffic.  I also lift weights.  I am interested in learning to fight, learn how to punch, kick and defend myself.  I am going to take a class on Saturday and I will let you know how it went.  I want to be able to defend myself if someone decides to mess with me.

Hope you are healthy and happy!  Let me know how you keep healthy and what works for you.

Here is an article with 34 benefits of water:


There are also a lot of benefits of drinking water with fresh lemon in it.  Lemon juice makes water alkaline, which is beneficial for your body.  Lemon water helps digestions which increases detoxing your body and increases belly fat burning.  Lemon water increases your immune system.  Lemons have vitamin C which is an amazing anti-oxidant, as well as vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and vitamin B1.  Lemon also includes calcium, copper and potassium.  Copper possesses anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.  Lemon is good for oral health and increases your mood.  Honey and lemon water aids in weight loss.  It increases the metabolism and helps burn fat, especially when you drink it first thing in the morning.  Lemon water is acidic, but when you drink it, take it into your body, it becomes alkaline.  This helps maintain the pH of your body, balances it.  Lemon water is also great for your hair and skin.  Lemon has natural anti-bacterial properties and helps prevent skin and scalp issues.

Adding lemon water to your routine increases your intake of water and has so many other health benefits.

To your health.