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Coach Saul is Back!

Today was a great day at the Houston Metro Fight Club  in Houston, Texas!  Coach Saul is back from California and now we can all look forward to Coach Saul pushing us to work harder, faster and smarter.

Coach Saul was training Cris Cyborg, MMA Professional, in California.  After a successful UFC win last Saturday night, Coach is back to Houston.  He is back to his day job and we are very lucky to have him.

Coach Saul has a constant conversation going on.  There are always new people in the gym, and there are other people of varying degrees of ability and fitness.  He seems to know where everyone falls on this list.  He constantly reminds everyone of all the things that we need to hear to become better fighters.

Stay on the balls of your feet

No flat feet

Keep your chin tucked in

Relax your shoulders 

Readjust your base

Punch with the knuckles of your first two fingers otherwise you could hurt your wrist

He doesn’t miss a thing.

The workout was great!  Instead of 2 sets of 8 or ten punches, we must have done 3 sets of 20 punches of each combo.

One two, one two three, one two three two.

We moved through the warm up quickly and still had over half the class to work on new combinations.

With a partner at the bag, we practiced right knees.  To make sure I was the correct distance away from the punching bag, I reached out with my left hand.  That is the perfect distance.  I had a yellow noodle, one that you use in the swimming pool, in my right hand, my left hand up by my ear, noodle in my right hand over my right shoulder, I step out 45 degrees with my left foot, my right knee hits the bag with the thigh parallel to the floor.  I stand up straight and on the ball of my left foot as I thrust my hips forward as my right knee hits the bag.  Right now we are practicing form, not trying to see how hard we can hit the bag.

At the same time my knee hits the bag, my right-hand chops down, a counter balance to my knee thrusting forward.

We practice this move at least 15 times, switch partners, Coach Saul says “Muscle Back‘ when we switch.

Next we practice push kicks.  To find the correct distance for push kicks, left hand reach to the bag and step back one stride.   Push kick on the right leg, step with the left foot out 45 degrees. bend my right knee and push the bag about hip high.  Coach Saul says ‘Think of squashing a bug on the bag.”  Two sets of 15-20 push kicks, then switch people, muscle back.

Roundhouse kick with the right leg is next.  Two sets of twenty.  Then we put all three together.  Push kick, knee, roundhouse kick.

That was enough for one day.

Another great workout.

To your health,

Kate Hauer, MMA




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