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Hi! I’m Kate Hauer. Thanks for stopping by.

In August 2015, I started training at Houston’s Metro Fight Club.   It all starts with Thai Boxing, which is a kick ass cardio class where I am learning the proper technique and form of kicking, punching and moving around, as if I were training to fight. I’ve also started taking Jui Jitsu classes.  These classes are very intense, almost like wrestling. I’m here to tell you what it is like as a beginner to train for MMA fighting.

Now that I’ve practicing MMA Thai Boxing for a while, I am staying for the Jui Jitsu classes.  Coach Saul always says “You are wasting your money if you don’t stay for Jui Jitsu, you are paying for it.”  Coach Saul also says, “Eespecially for women, if you are attacked almost 100% chance you will end up on the ground.  When you learn Jui Jitsu techniques, you can protect yourself, learn to take charge of the situation, put the attacker into submission and maybe choke them out.  When they are passed out, you can run and call the police.”  Or, at least get away and live another day.

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