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Made it to the boxing ring in MMA cardio Thai Boxing!

It has been my goal for a while now to get into the ring and train with the guys during Thai Boxing class.

Last night I trained in the ring at the Metro Fight Club.  It started like the normal Thai Boxing class:  jog for 3-5 minutes barefoot on the mats, complete the exercises we do every time to get our joints warmed up, then I went to the back of the gym and started with the warm up punching routine.  Punching the wall mounted punching pad.  One two, one two three, one two three two, then a combination of all three.  We do each sequence at least 12-15 times, repeat four times.

Last night I worked with Coach Adrian in the boxing ring.

I’ve worked in the boxing ring before on either Friday night or Saturday morning when the advanced fighting guys are not at the gym.  Mostly when there are not many people in class, we go into the ring and practice different moves.  During the normal weekday classes Monday thru Thursday, the guys who have been coming to class regularly and are in good shape go in the ring to practice.  I’ve always worked with the more beginner students.  It has been quite annoying because there will be a guy that shows up and after three weeks of punching with the more beginner students, boom, he is in the boxing ring working out.  These guys are all younger than I am.  There are a handful of girls in the ring.

I suppose Coach Saul is looking out for me.  I had asthma when I started cardio Thai Boxing in Houston.  If you have asthma, it is going to come out in Houston, guaranteed.  Houston is the asthma capital of the United States.  The air is heavy with humidity, pollution, and allergies.  After 7 months of MMA cardio Thai Boxing, my asthma has seemed to disappear.  I am very happy about this.

Last night in the boxing ring, Coach Adrian put a small tire out for me.  Everyone else had a dot as their center point of boxing.  He put the tire out and I had my left foot in the tire as we jabbed back and forth and kept turning and resetting our base to get back into the boxing stance.

Coach Adrian and I both had our boxing gloves on.  We practiced for two minutes and then break for 30 seconds.  There were about 20 rounds.  First, Coach Adrian was punching at me with his left boxing glove.  I was practicing blocking, both the Pary block, turn my glove around open fisted and catch the punch, or push the punch down.  Then we worked on both left chest punch and added stomach punch.  Coach Adrian showed me to block the stomach punches with my elbow, bring my right elbow in close to my body to block a left punch.  Next, we added the left hook.

In between every punch/block combination, we moved to the right in a tight circle.  Coach Adrian made me put my left foot in the small tire, to ensure that I would stay in the tight circle.  After the move to the right, it is important to regain my boxing stance left foot/hip forward, right foot/hip back, knees bent, looking straight at my partner with my chin tucked in, elbows close to my side ribs, and always on the balls of my feet, no flat feet.

The sparring was fun, not violent.  We were practicing punching and blocking.  First Coach Adrian throwing the punches at me, with me blocking them.  Then I was throwing the punches at Coach Adrian and he was blocking them.  Then we were both throwing punches and blocking punches.  No one was calling out the sequence.  It was spontaneous.  It was playful.  I can see how it could be more serious if I was working with someone who was more violent and not so fun.

I had a great time sparring with Coach Adrian!

To Your Health

Kate Hauer, MMA Thai Boxing

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