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MMA Cardio Thai Boxing – Made it into the ring again

Great workout at the Metro Fight Club!

It is a different workout in the boxing ring.  We are paired up with someone with about the same experience/abilities.  There are a few different people that I am usually paired up with.  I am there to get a workout, but do not want to be punched in the face or want to punch anyone in the face.  Getting a workout and learning the techniques and moves are my goal.

In the ring, Mondays and Wednesdays are sparring days, Tuesday and Thursdays are more structured with the same punch/kick combinations.

Since the last time I was in the ring was Monday was a sparring day, my partner and I followed Coach Adrian’s directions.  First round was left jab.  My partner threw a left jab, I blocked, then we move in a circle about 90 degrees.  Plastic dots are place on the floor of the boxing ring to keep everyone in place.  There are about 8 pairs of people in the boxing ring and it is important to be aware of the space.  Circle around the dot, staying in boxing stance in between each jab and block combination.  The ring is great because it is springy.  It is easy to stay on the balls of my feet because the floor of the ring springs back every time I move on it.

While sparring, my partner and I switch back and forth, for two minutes she is throwing the left jab, I am blocking the left jab constantly moving in a circle and resetting my boxing stance, followed by a 30 second rest.  During the rest, Coach Adrian tells us the next move.  The next move, it is my turn to throw the left jab and my partner blocks the left jab.  Two more minutes but this time I get to punch and my partner gets to block as we keep moving around in the circle, maintaining the boxing stance with the left foot forward about 10 o’clock and the right foot back about 4 o’clock, knees bent, on the balls of my feet, chin tucked, constantly protecting my face and body with my hands and arms.

The next direction from Coach Adrian is to spar back and forth freeform.  First my partner jabs and me, we move to the right about 90 degrees, then I jab her, we move again around in a circle.  We throw in some double jabs, which usually throws the other person off at first.  It is good to practice sparring.  At first, I am not blocking properly, I am not reading where she is aiming to punch.  But the more I practice, the more I pay attention, keeping my gloves in front of my face and blocking every jab as it is thrown.

Next Coach Adrian adds body shots, jabs to the chest and stomach.  We learn to bring our forearms together to block the jab to the chest and bring the elbow in towards the stomach to block the jabs to the stomach.  First my partner throws different body shots, in different combinations, double jab to chest then single jab to the stomach, I am blocking them all and the we circle about 90 degrees keeping proper distance between us and maintaining our boxing stance every time we move.  Then she makes up another combo, double jab, then we move to the right.  Two more minutes of punching/blocking.  Now it is my turn to punch and my partner’s turn to block for two minutes.  Time to spar freeform where either person can jab and the other has to be ready to block.  Sometimes we both throw punches at the same time.

Coach Adrian throws another move into the mix, left jab, left ear slap.  When we are sparring, we can’t really do the full on punch to the side of the head with our elbow even with the floor.  Instead, we just jab or slap at the ear with our gloves, the partner blocks the slap to the ear by bringing their glove to the side of their head and then bringing it back in front of their face to prepare for the next punch.  When we bring our glove to the side of our head to protect our ear, our right ear, then we must bring our left glove to the center of our face to protect our whole face.

Time to practice the jab to the chest or body and slap to the ear.  My partner is jabbing and I am blocking for the first two minutes, then it is my turn to jab while she blocks.  At first when we are sparring I am thinking “This is nothing, I should be on the floor practicing punch combinations, I don’t feel like I am getting a good workout.”  But after 45 minutes of jabbing, blocking and constantly circling around, I am starting to get a bit sweaty and feeling the work out.  Ok, so this is a better workout than practicing the punches on the floor.

I am happy to report that I have always sparred with nice partners and no one has tried to smack me in the face.  There are people that workout that are not so nice.  I hope to never be partnered with someone that is more aggressive than I am comfortable to spar against.

As always, a great workout of Thai Boxing in the truest sense.  This is not kickboxing class with music in the background.  We are truly learning how to Thai Box, to punch and kick to defend ourselves if ever required.

To your health!

Kate Hauer, MMA Thai Boxing

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