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MMA Cardio Thai Boxing, Saturday Morning Class

Saturday classes are great!  Not as many people show up.  This week there were four people, two women and two men. Which worked out perfectly when we paired up for punching and kicking.  Less people means more coaching, more scrutiny of my form.  Classes like this help take me to the next level.

After warming up, we did the normal punches at the back of the gym at the wall mounted punching boxes.

  1.  One, two; left punch, right punch.

2.  One, two, three, or jab, hook, cross.

3.  One, two, three, two.  Left punch, right punch, left hook, right punch.

The usual warm up, we do two sets the first one, two sets of the second, two sets of 1 then 2, two sets of 3, two sets of 1, 2, 3.  Standing in boxing stance, chin tucked, elbows in, hands up protecting my face in between each punch sequence.  Every time we punch with the left punch, bring my left shoulder forward, twist at the waist, knees bent slightly.  When punching with the left hand, the whole left side of the body twists forward, on the ball of the left foot, the left heel twists forward, out.  It is the same when punching with the right hand, right shoulder comes forward, twist at the waist, knees bent slightly, on the ball of the right foot, right heel twists out.

Coach Rene was training us on Saturday.  He has been stepping up for the classes since Coach Saul Soliz has been in California training Cris Cyborg.

Coach Rene told us to get the big pads and mitts.    I’ve never used the big pads before.  The big pads allow people to be able to kick harder when we are working with partners.

We went into the boxing ring.  First we started punching with the mitts.  I held the mitts and my partner punched.  Doing the same sets of punches that we completed at the back of the gym against the wall.  First I caught the punches, then I threw the punches.

I put the pad on and the women I was working with started with right roundhouse kicks.  We stayed in place at first, we did two sets of 8 right roundhouse kicks.  Then we started moving along the side of the boxing ring.  Right roundhouse kick, one step back, reposition, right roundhouse kick.  Then we moved backwards.  Right roundhouse kick, one step forward for me (the one with the pad), one step back (for the one kicking), making sure to step with the right foot and drag the left foot when moving backwards.

Next we practiced right knees.  Then we combined right roundhouse kick, right knee.  This is almost as much work for the one holding the pad as it is for the one throwing the kicks and knees.

When throwing the right knee, I am on the ball of my left foot, my right thigh is parallel to the floor, then throw the knee forward by thrusting my hips forward.  The hips are powerful and that is what makes the knee powerful.  We are still working with the large pad, so my knee hits the pad that my partner is holding.

Practicing right knee, one step forward, back into boxing stance, right knee, one step forward, reset into boxing stance.  We went the length of the boxing ring, reversed directions by throwing a right knee, right foot back, drag left foot into the boxing stance.  We went back the length of the boxing right, about 8 knees.

The two guys went to go practice roundhouse kicks on the bags.  The clock was set for two minutes.  First they practiced right roundhouse kicks for two minutes, left roundhouse kicks for two minutes, then alternated kicks for two minutes.

Rene worked with me and the other woman in class.  We balanced out our practice by working on left roundhouse kicks and left knees.  Rene held the pad for us while we got to kick and knee.

Time was up, class was over for another day.

To Your Health,

Kate Hauer, MMA





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