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MMA Thai Boxing, Another Day’s Workout

Cardio Thai Boxing is a great workout.  It is also a lot of repetition.  However, it is amazing how much I’ve learned over time about the form and technique of Thai Boxing while repeating the same punching sequences.  The only way to get better is to practice.  The only way to get faster and more powerful is to practice.

The class started out the same, first warm-up and then back to the wall mounted pads for punching.

We completed the following sequences:

One two, which is left punch right punch, 10x, repeat

One two three, which is left punch, right punch, left hook, 10x, repeat

Then combine the two:  one two, one two three  10x, repeat

One two three two, left punch, right punch, left hook, right punch, 10x, repeat

Combine all three:  one two, one two three, one two three two.

We moved to the front of the gym and paired up one person with mitts, the other kept their boxing gloves on. We repeated the same boxing sequences above.

Now it was time to work on boxing footwork.  Paired up with the same partner, we stood facing each other, each in the boxing stance.  The person moving back leads.  Take a step with the right foot back, drag the left foot for the length of the short side of the mat.  Then we added in the punching sequence listed above.  Take one step back, one two, another step back, one two.  This teaches me to maintain my boxing stance when I move and to always drag the 2nd foot to maintain better balance.  The same sequence was repeated for the other two punching sequences. Finally we added all three together, one step back, one two, one step back, one two three, one step back, one two three two.  Of course when we got to the edge of the mat then we had the chance to move forward one step, punch one two, move forward one step, one two three, move forward one step, one two three two until we were at the edge of the mat again.

Now it was time to practice roundhouse kicks against the bags.  Two people per bag, we each took our turn starting in the boxing stance, stepping forward with the left foot turned out to the left 45 degrees.  Then come up onto the ball of your foot as you bring your right hip on top of your left hip and kick the bag with the outer right shin.  I just learned that I was to be kicking with the outer shin.  I’ve been getting bruises on my shin bone, so when I finally learn to kick properly, maybe the bruising will go away.  It was only this week that I can finally do the roundhouse kick on the ball of my foot.  It’s been since August.  My balance is getting better the more I practice.

We practiced right knee.  Again the left foot is turned out and the knee is delivered when I am on the ball of my left foot.  The hips are thrust forward as the knee moves forward to hit the bag.  After the first one, you know if you are too close or too far from the bag and adjust your distance.

Class was over, everyone lined up.  Saul has been in California training a Pro MMA fighter.  He is supposed to come back next week I believe.  I will tell you more about the Pro MMA fighter Saul has been training in the next post.

To Your Health,

Kate Hauer, MMA

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