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Working out at the Metro Fight Club, MMA Thai Boxing

Another great workout with Coach Saul Soliz at the Metro Fight Club. 

Since the summer started there are so many new faces.  Last week on Monday, there were so many people, Coach Rene took all the really new people to the back to work on punches at the wall mounted pads.  The rest of us were paired up with one other person and we got warmed up and continued the workout on the mats at the front of the gym.  I like the one on one workouts, as they are good training for sparring.

Last night, we started our workout at the back of the gym at the wall mounted pads.

one, two; one, two, three;, one, two, three, two

Standing in the boxing stance, chin down, hands up with my gloves touching my eyebrows in between each round of boxing.

As soon as I throw my first left punch, bring my left hand back to protect my face.  The more I practice, I understand that my speed improves the more I practice the punches.  Also focus on punching and bringing my hand back to protect my face as fast as possible.  Reaction time.

Always light on my feet, balls of my feet, transferring my weight back and forth between my left and right feet, no flat feet.

Next we went up front and were paired up.  Lately all the experienced people are paired up with new people.  So you don’t get the best workout possible, but sometimes it is your turn to help teach someone, as someone before taught me.

We went through the one, two;  one, two, three;  one, two, three, two.  Then we went to the bags and started practicing knees, push kicks and the combined push kick and then knee.  There were four people at each bag.  Then we worked on the left side:  left knee, left push kick, then combined left push kick and left knee.  When practicing the knees and push kicks, it is important to always keep both hands up to protect my face.  and when I throw the knee or push kick, I throw my hand down as a counter balance.  At the same time, keep the other hand up by my ear with my fingers relaxed.

It is important to keep the whole upper body relaxed while throwing the knees, push kicks and roundhouse kicks.  The more relaxed the upper body is, the more power there is available for the knee or kick.

When completing the push kick, kick the bag with the balls of the last three toes of the foot.  That is one new thing I learned last week.  bring the knee up to the chest and then kick the bag with the ball of the foot, especially the last three toes.

We partnered back up and practiced left punch, right knee, left, right punches, left knee.

At first we do each action separately, then put them together as we learn the next one.

First, we started with right knee, the partner using the mitts to catch the right knee.   Then we added left punch right knee.

Next left punch, right knee, left punch right punch.  And finally practiced left knee alone and then added it to the sequence.

I like the way Coach Saul teaches, always building one action onto the next, creating a sequence of punches and kicks.

Another great workout at the Metro Fight Club.

To your health!

Kate Hauer

MMA Fight Skinny



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